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An ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
is the most effective and efficient way of attracting investments for startups today.
Investments are gained by creating tokens (cryptocurrency of your project) and exchanging them for investor funds through a crowdsale event.

We Provide a Full Range of Services for Successfully Launching an ICO

Token Creation
Promotional Website
Marketing Campaign
Content Marketing
Social Media Management
White Paper Development

Creation of tokens
Promo website
Legal services

White Paper

Our clients

Our List of Services for Launching an ICO
Project Preparation for an ICO
Project Analytics and Recommendations About Token Usage

We will analyze your project and ensure that your created token will have real world application and will match your project.

Creation of your ICO Website

We will design and create an attractive website for your ICO with a modern, user friendly interface.

White Paper Development

We will help you create a highly detailed White Paper for potential investors in which we will describe all of the significant and appealing features of your project or idea.

Creation of Promotional Video for your Project

We will compile a powerful script and make promotional video describing all of the advantages your project has for potential investors.

Smart Contract Development for Share Allocation on Ethereum Platform

We will carry out all of the technical work involved in creating a smart contract and show you how to make the best smart contract for your project.

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Conducting a Marketing Campaign
Managing Your Project’s Social Network Groups

We will create continuous high quality content for your project’s groups on social media in order to gain the interest of potential investors.

Corporate Blog Management

We will manage your ICO’s corporate blog on Medium.

Posts About Your Project in Leading Crypto Media and ICO Trackers

We will compose and publish press releases of your project on all of today’s popular crypto-media platforms and list on the leading ICO trackers.

Development and Implementation of a Bounty Campaign

We will work with you to create the conditions of your Bounty Campaign and will inform your target audience about it.

Google Adwords Advertising Campaign Customization

We will customize your contextual advertisements on Google Adwords in order to reach out to any regions of the globe that you would like to promote your project in.

SMM on Facebook and Twitter

We will post information concerning your project in the most relevant social media groups and generate targeted ads for maximum support.

Video Ads on Youtube

We will create and promote your project’s video on YouTube.

Placement of Information About Your Project on Pertinent Crypto-forums and Telegram Channels

We will post information about your project and the ICO launch on all of the most popular crypto-forums like Bitcointalk, as well as in popular Telegram channels.

Communications With Potential Investors Through Social Media Channels And Chats

We will help you communicate with potential investors through various social media channels and chats in a multitude of languages.

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Average Preparation Time for an ICO: 2-3 Months

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Our team

Alexey Scherbin

Dmitriy Morgun

Julia Luckman

Denis Goldberg

Ilya Perevoznik

Maksim Lyaskovski

Michael Yanchenko

Evgeny Berus
UI/UX designer

Ksenia Istomina
UI/UX designer

Dmitriy Osiev
Marketing and PR specialist

Andrey Sergeenkov
Marketing and PR specialist

Anastasia Kuteininkova
Marketing Manager

Alexandr Izmaylov
Business Analyst

Ayush Sandzhi-Goryaev
Business Analyst

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